Alabama Non-Profit TiDev, Inc Releases Titanium SDK 11, Titanium CLI 6.1.0

A local Bibb County Alabama non-profit software foundation has released a new version of the Titanium cross-platform mobile app development software.

CENTREVILLE, Ala., July 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On July 1st, 2022 Alabama non-profit software foundation TiDev, Inc. released the latest “General Availability” version of their Titanium development software. This release is the first version shipped since TiDev, Inc. assumed ownership and management control of the Titanium software from publicly traded Arizona corporation Axway, Inc (AXW.PA).

Titanium is used to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android devices using the JavaScript programming language.

In commenting on the new Titanium software release, TiDev, Inc. Board Chairman Josh Lambert provided the following statement:

“We’re thrilled to ship our first community release of Titanium for use by developers around the world. When we started our foundation, one of our goals was to ensure that Titanium remained actively developed and maintained for years to come. Titanium SDK 11 and CLI 6.1.0 being released to the public developer community is our first major step in meeting that goal. I couldn’t be more pleased that this was accomplished so soon after our community stepped up and assumed on-going responsibility for this mobile development platform. We have a great developer community and I’m proud to call myself a member of the Titanium family.”

This release was the result of 62+ feature and bug-fix contributions added to Titanium from TiDev staff and volunteers around the world.

In the latest version of Titanium, both iOS and Android apps will benefit from stability and performance improvements. For Android development, Java 17 is now supported without encountering errors. There is also improved support for round corners on Android 12+. For iOS development, adaptive gradients for dark mode have been fixed as well as multi-selection event issues in ListViews. This is an addition to a large number of other bug fixes and cleanup/refactoring in the platform code. A full list of changes can be found in the change logs for the SDK and CLI on the offical TiDev blog post for this release here:

TiDev is currently funded by individual donations and relies on them to maintain the framework. Donations can be made via Github Sponsors or Liberapay. TiDev, Inc.

TiDev, Inc exists for the following purposes:

1.) To ensure the Titanium SDK is actively maintained and developed for years to come. This means rapid attention to bugs introduced with new iOS/Android updates, as well as addition of features to the SDK that enable full compatibility with new features added to the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.
2.) To actively grow the Titanium developer community. This means organization of paid and volunteer efforts to make our documentation for the SDK amazing, make the technical process for a new programmer to work with the platform as simple as possible, and to encourage/boost/market programmers doing things such as live-streams demonstrating the capabilities of the platform.
3.) To improve the reputation of the Titanium ecosystem. This means showing corporations and programmers alike that this platform is amazing, actively supported, and can be trusted for building new applications.
4.) To create a trusted channel for getting support around the platform. This means marketing the free support provided via TiSlack and StackOverflow, as well as creating a paid enterprise support channel enabling large corporations to purchase dedicated support for the SDK from our core engineers.
5.) To better communicate what modules built for Titanium are actively supported and can be trusted for development. This means keeping an active list somewhere, perhaps on the TiDev website, of what modules (and forks of modules) are actively maintained and useful. Aka, not abandonware.

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Josh Lambert

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