5 Things To Know About The Nutanix-Red Hat Container Deal

Nutanix, Red Hat Get Cozier

As the hybrid cloud market continues to heat up, Nutanix and IBM-owned Red Hat are announcing a major move that will involve treating each other as “preferred” solutions—a clear shot against rival VMware. Nutanix and VMware compete heavily in the markets for hyperconverged software, hybrid cloud solutions and hypervisors, and executives from the two companies have frequently traded criticisms of each other’s platforms. Meanwhile, executives such as former IBM President James Whitehurst have also slammed VMware in the past—such as a comment in October that VMware’s approach to containers “impedes your ability to really move to the new world.”

Now, Nutanix and Red Hat are teaming up to serve customers with a “powerful solution” meant to enable “building, scaling and managing cloud-native applications on-premises and in hybrid clouds,” the companies said in a news release Thursday. At the heart of the new strategic partnership is an effort by the two vendors to work together more closely in the area of container technology, including Kubernetes container orchestration and the deployment of containerized workloads on hyperconverged infrastructure.

VMware declined to comment on Thursday.

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