10 HPE GreenLake Game Changers From HPE Discover 2021

HPE GreenLake – Nothing ‘Comparable’ 

With Hewlett Packard Enterprise picking up the pace of on-premises cloud services innovation with breakthroughs like Silicon On Demand, GreenLake Lighthouse and Project Aurora there is simply nothing comparable on the market to match GreenLake’s on-premises cloud prowess, said HPE GreenLake General Manager Keith White.

“I have yet to find anything that is comparable,” said White speaking about the on-premises cloud competition. “We are taking the best of everything across HPE and we are optimizing that (for on-premises pay-per-use cloud services).”

White said HPE is stepping up its on-premises cloud services leadership with the new innovation being unveiled at HPE Discover. “We are accelerating the industry forward,” he said. “We welcome the competition because we want customers to have choice. But just know that we have got our foot on the gas and we are continuing to accelerate well past everyone else!”

Among the innovation being announced at HPE Discover is Silicon On Demand, which provides the ability in partnership with Intel to instantly turn on or off processor cores. That is expected to yield dramatic cost savings for customers purchasing enterprise software on a core processor pricing model. “This is going to drastically and dramatically save them dollars because they are only going to have pay for those licenses when those cores are turned on versus the system itself,” said White. “There is no other options out there like that.”

GreenLake Lighthouse, White said, is a cloud-native solution that enables partners and customers to “rapidly deploy and leverage multiple” cloud services.“It really helps the channel in the sense that they don’t have to go through all of the configuration and orchestration that they do today (with on-premise cloud services),” he said. “We are basically creating workload optimized configurations for our customers. What it allows partners to do is to really focus on that customer challenge.”

Finally, Project Aurora establishes a new zero trust architecture for on-premises cloud services, said White. “This gives us from the silicon on up to the application deep security so that people can be assured that their workloads, their data, their applications, are all handled in a very, very secure way,” said White. “That is so critical in today’s world where we are dealing with cyber-threats.’

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