The Biggest Solution Provider In Each State In 2022: The Solution Provider 500

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While the IT industry tends to be clustered in a handful of regions in the U.S., many solution providers that supply IT systems and services to local businesses and organizations are based where their customers are.

As part of the 2022 CRN Solution Provider 500—our annual ranking of the largest solution providers in North America—we provide a look at how many solution providers and strategic service providers are based in each state and identify the largest channel company in each state.

The concentration of solution providers tends to follow state populations, with California, the most populous state, home to 50 of the companies on this year’s Solution Provider 500. The Golden State is followed by such populous states as New York (45 solution providers), Texas (29) and Illinois (28). Virginia, home to 43 solution providers on the Solution Provider 500, has a disproportionate share due to its proximity to the tech-hungry federal government and all the businesses that serve it.

Here’s a look at the largest Solution Provider 500 company in each state and the number of companies on this year’s list that call each state home.

The following list includes all 50 U.S. states (including the eight states that do not have any Solution Provider 500 companies within their borders); Washington, D.C., and the six Canadian provinces that are home to one or more Solution Provider 500 companies.

As part of the 2022 Solution Provider 500 project we also provide a ranking of the 25 largest solution providers on this year’s list and a roundup of the 41 newcomers to this year’s list.  1   23… 13NextRELATED TOPICS:


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