Technology Global Solutions offers a revolutionary offer in the trading platform market: Free MetaTrader server installation for Victory Day!

A perfect start for your brokerage business

MetaTrader is a name well known to every professional in the financial markets. Stability, speed of transaction processing, reliability – these qualities have made MT4 and MT5 the benchmark for trading software. Technology Global Solutions opens the possibilities of these powerful tools to all new clients – without the need for initial investment in technical infrastructure.

Take the high ground without the expense

On 10 May 2024, anyone wishing to launch their MetaTrader-based broker will have the chance to do so quickly and without extra costs. This promotion is a great opportunity to optimise the initial costs of starting your own trading business.

Technology Global Solutions strives to ease the way for companies across WorldWide on the path of digital economy through training in the use of advanced financial technologies.

Join the ranks of leading trading companies from around the world tomorrow. Take advantage of this unique offer from Technology Global Solutions and deploy your own trading platform with no extra time or cost!

For more information about this promotion as well as Technology Global Solutions white label mt4/mt5 connectivity services, please visit or contact us via email [email protected].

Don’t miss your chance to change the game on the financial field – together with Technology Global Solutions.



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