Reveald Launches Exposure Management Services to Offer End-to-End Cybersecurity

Solution Delivers Holistic “Offense to Defense” Approach to Achieve Business-focused Outcomes and Reduce Cyber Risk

NEW YORK, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reveald, a leading provider of managed security defense services, today announced the introduction of its innovative Exposure Management solution. Combining a unique technology platform and expert services, the addition of Exposure Management expands the company’s already-robust defensive services to include an offensive “Risk Hunting” approach that stops potential infiltration by isolating the attack paths, identifying the ones with the highest risk based on business context and prioritizing them for exposure remediation. This total, end-to-end cybersecurity solution significantly reduces overall risk for organizations, and has already been proven in the public sector.

Reveald delivers its holistic “Offense To Defense” approach by utilizing predictive technology and its dedicated Fusion Center team of experts to achieve business-focused outcomes such as:

Reveald, a leading provider of managed security defense services, introduces an innovative Exposure Management solution.Tweet this

  • Identifying the most critical threats and likely attack paths that would be used (least resistance/highest damage) and ‘breaking’ them before they can be exploited,
  • Prioritizing the attack paths that represent the greatest exposure based on business context to quickly remediate, and ultimately,
  • Increasing cyber protection, thus reducing cybersecurity and business risks.

Exposure Management services can be implemented quickly to gain visibility and insight to the most critical threats and attacks paths, and decrease the downstream burden on the defensive side, greatly reducing alerts, new threats and remediation requirements, in turn saving time, money and resource attention. Only Reveald offers service capabilities on both the offense and defense side to identify threats and exposure, and helps organizations remediate if needed.

“Reveald is leading the next generation of how total cyber risk reduction is achieved and bridging gaps in the market for a holistic approach offering both offensive and defensive services, which are critical and must work in concert to create the strongest security posture,” said Brett Kelsey, CEO at Reveald. “Analysts have validated exposure management as one of the key innovations to drive business-focused outcomes by tackling exposure across the entire continuum with a combination of technology and skilled personnel.”

About Reveald

Reveald is making Exposure Management a reality to solve the biggest challenges in cybersecurity with a trailblazing ‘offense to defense’ approach that gives the advantage back to the business. It is the only solution that combines risk hunting, full defensive response, and threat and exposure remediation services that deliver business-driven outcomes. Operationalizing cutting-edge technology for exposure management, Reveald uncovers every conceivable attack path and intelligently prioritizes them by business criticality and risk. Our Fusion Center team of elite security experts then systemically neutralizes those attack paths to make critical IT assets increasingly impervious to exploitation. The addition of ongoing monitoring and advisory services empowers users to adopt a formidable defensive posture while taking pressure off their in-house security resources. Above all, Reveald turns cyber risk into something measurable and manageable from the SOC to the C-Suite.

Once Reveald. Exposure Resolved.

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