Reali Acquires TXR Homes, Launches in San Diego

SAN MATEO, Calif., Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reali, the real estate and fintech platform transforming home buying and selling, today announced its expansion into the San Diego market with the acquisition of TXR Homes. The deal joins TXR Homes’ deep local expertise and inventory with Reali’s one-stop shop — an integrated technology platform with products designed to serve buyers, borrowers, and sellers in one place.

“We are thrilled to bring TXR Homes’ renowned team into the Reali family as we launch today in San Diego. Their deep understanding of local market dynamics and long track record of proven success paired with Reali’s innovative products — Reali Buy Before You Sell and Reali Cash Offer — will provide home buyers and sellers in Southern California a distinct advantage in winning their dream home,” said Tyler Baldwin, Chief Executive Officer of Reali.

According to Burke Smith, founder and former CEO of TXR Homes, the two companies are a perfect match for today’s consumers and real estate professionals. “By combining our strengths, we can serve our customers better and offer a complete solution. With 65% of homeowners buying and selling simultaneously, our agents have an exciting opportunity to offer Reali Buy Before You Sell to their clients. And given that 97% of home sellers are more inclined to accept an all-cash offer, Reali Cash Offer will enhance our agents’ ability to get their buyers the homes they want, when they want, and close faster. These products are game-changers for the Southern California market.”

“Both companies share a customer-centric approach to real estate. By harnessing our unique capabilities, we are excited to see how our partnership will boost our clients’ success in buying and selling their homes,” adds Baldwin.

After raising $250 million in Series B funding in August, Reali has identified San Diego as a critical market for its Southern California growth strategy with ambitious California and national growth plans. The acquisition rapidly increases Reali’s regional footprint and market share. The company plans to continue to expand strategically to make the homeownership journey simple, accessible and stress-free for every customer.

“We are honored to be Reali’s first brokerage acquisition as the company expands nationally. San Diego serves as the perfect pilot market, as the region provides the opportunity to experience different price points, socioeconomics, and geographies,” said Spencer Lugash, COO, Broker of Record and General Counsel of TXR Homes. “In addition, we are excited to tap into Reali’s operational efficiencies, technology, and range of innovative products, which will let us offer more enhanced services to our clients.”

About Reali

Reali is a real estate and fintech company creating a one-stop-shop to make homeownership streamlined, accessible and stress-free every step of the way. We leverage first-in-kind technology and trusted real estate experts to serve home buyers, borrowers, and sellers in a single, integrated platform. Our wide range of alternative financing solutions makes a complicated process like buying and selling at the same time much less complicated. Customers can buy and sell in one coordinated transaction, eliminating resale contingencies, moving twice, and paying two mortgages at once. Whether it’s buying, selling, financing, or owning a home, our high-tech, high-touch offering meets the unique and individual needs of our customers. Keep in touch at, join our team at, or download the Reali app for iOS and Android.


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