RaptorVision expands software offering to AI integrated platform for Retail

 NRF Big Show, Booth 252 – RaptorVision, a cutting-edge developer of event based, product engagement video analytics technology, announced its new Event-Based Video Platform and Mobile App, that includes Embedded AI and an integrated VMS. It is a platform that promises to be a game changer in combating Organized Retail Crime, while providing a safer work environment. The RaptorVision platform is focused on product engagement, sending real-time notifications and live video streaming via the RaptorVision mobile app, existing communication systems, including the PA, two-way radios or any IP/Digital output allowing employees to take appropriate action. Whether it is handling shoplifting, an ORC event or proactively providing assistance to an engaged customer, the RaptorVision platform empowers all Retail Stakeholders.

“This is a very exciting time for RaptorVision as we are able to bring our Smart Technology to existing video security investments” said Scott Mullins, Founder & CEO. “We have developed the RaptorVision platform to embody our patented, Award-Winning Video Analytics and focus on product engagement solutions. This approach brings broader value across the spectrum of all Retail Stakeholders beyond Asset Protection alone. Our platform includes a fully integrated Video Management System (VMS) combined with our real-time event notifications. RaptorVision will also integrate with most existing camera systems in place or any other analytical or communication tool on the market, including facial matching, slip and fall detection, license plate recognition or custom models to address unique requirements, as a part of our agnostic approach to the platform. This positions us to apply our AI and Real-Time notifications without having to rip & replace.”

RaptorVision expands software offering to AI integrated platform for Retail

About RaptorVision

Raptor Vision is the most innovative, patented technology on the market. It is “Purpose Built” to focus on Product Engagement utilizing both analytics and AI. This unique approach allows for better detection of Organized Retail Crime and Shop Lifting Activity while improving the Retail Customer Experience as well as employee safety.

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