Pivotal Drive merges with Nova CPM, a OneStream Platinum Partner, bringing coveted tenure and expertise to customers

BELLEVUE, Wash., April 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pivotal Drive announced today that it has completed its strategic merger with OneStream Platinum Partner, Nova CPM. This merger enhances the strong momentum Pivotal Drive has demonstrated in the OneStream space. 

The combined company has OneStream professionals in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The 100% customer satisfaction rate of both companies continues with the merger, and the collective drive to guide each customer to the best possible OneStream solutions and outcomes remains central to the company philosophy.

Pivotal Drive and Nova share the philosophy of retaining only the highest caliber employees, and the combination of companies will be summative of the qualities each employee brings to the table. Pivotal Drive brings an experienced technical center of excellence and post-go-live administrative support resources, and Nova brings depth in finance transformation and C-suite consulting experience. 

Nate Coate, Pivotal Drive Managing Partner, said, “The combination of Pivotal Drive and Nova CPM is a twist on standard mergers in the market. Our market is filled with similar companies competing for years, until one is positioned to purchase the other, adding redundant headcount but not quality. Our story is different. Pivotal Drive and Nova have different niches and do not directly compete for OneStream customers. Rather, we come together bringing complementary value to one another in this fast-paced OneStream world.”

Laurie Bumba, Nova CPM Founder and CEO, said, “Our OneStream customers will see immediate value from this merger. Nova has always seen OneStream through the perspective of each of our customers, so we knew growth was imperative. I am thrilled that we will now offer enhanced service and ample resources to our existing and future customers, driving success for all parties.”

About Pivotal Drive: As a OneStream partner, Pivotal Drive employs industry-renowned consultants with expertise in designing and delivering unified Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions. This enables our customers to modernize their finance organization and streamline their consolidation, reporting and planning processes. Pivotal Drive also provides OneStream dedicated Managed Services that simplifies post-go-live OneStream administration and support. To learn more, visit https://www.pivotaldrive.com.

About Nova CPM: Nova is a dedicated OneStream implementation Platinum Partner, providing exceptional solutions that drive results for customers worldwide. Nova Leads have a minimum of 20+ years of experience and always start with customer data, customer processes and customer long-term goals first. Nova has built over 200 global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrations and led deployment and training activities for nearly 4,000 global users through our work with businesses operating in 47 countries with over 40 projects. To learn more, visit https://www.novacpm.com.

CONTACT: Matt McDonough, [email protected]

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