Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang: HPE-Nvidia Is A ‘Massive Partnership,’ Exits Sphere Stage With A ‘Go HPE!’

Michael Maher, director of professional services at CPP Associates, Clinton, N.J., one of HPE’s top GreenLake partners, said the HPE-Nvidia partnership is democratizing AI.

“HPE and Nvidia are making AI accessible to everybody, not just folks with the biggest budgets in the world, but small and medium businesses that want to grow and take advantage of artificial intelligence and what it can offer their businesses to change their landscape and revenue models and their workstreams and workflows.”

Maher said the comprehensive and deep integration of the Nvidia AI Computing By HPE solutions takes the “pain” out of finding a path to AI for businesses that do not have data scientists, developers, AI architects or even governance specialists.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for CPP to help customers realize the potential of what they want to do, their growth capabilities, the next step in the evolution of their business and beyond,” he said.

Maher said having Huang onstage with Neri for Discover to establish the power of the partnership was a coup for HPE. “This relationship between Nvidia and HPE unlocks the true potential of AI for everybody,” he said. “This is all about going boldly to nowhere business has gone before. What HPE and Nvidia are doing is unleashing the full potential and promise of what AI can bring to small, medium and large businesses.”

Rob Schaeffer, president and chief revenue officer of e360, a top HPE partner based in Concord, Calif., said he was blown away by the HPE-Nvidia innovation.

“Amazing!” said Schaeffer in a text message to Neri after the keynote address. “Inspiring! You have raised the bar for us all. Brilliant days ahead for all of us in the HPE community. Thank you.”

Schaeffer told CRN the AI revolution has channel partners on the “precipice of amazing” times right now and in the future.

The HPE-Nvidia partnership is different than any other partnership in the market, said Schaeffer.

“The difference between HPE and all its competitors is that HPE is an engineering company at its core,” he said. “Many of the other companies are assemblers of technology and componentry that comes together, but at HPE it is engineered from the ground up. That is what was announced by HPE and Nvidia today. These solutions are truly integrated at an engineering level. What this allows us to do is not only be able to take that to a client and talk to them about the art of possibility with AI but to architect a business outcome with probability of success.”

Schaeffer said he sees a new opportunity to speak with customers about the ability to make AI a reality. “Now we can bring that to reality by harnessing our customers’ data to get insights with a compute platform that is purpose-built to take advantage of the large language models,” he said. “The great news is we have technology that allows us to say, ‘Yes, we can achieve this and do it in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost. The answer is absolutely, yes.’”

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