Nutanix Bets Big On New Distributor Program, Supermicro And Partner Incentives

Christian Alvarez Talks New Partnerships, Partner Programs And ‘Disaggregated’ Channel Incentives

Nutanix has unleashed a slew of new products, partnerships and solution provider-focused initiatives to take channel sales to the next level, while eying a new way to dish out channel incentives in the future, says Nutanix’s worldwide channel chief Christian Alvarez.

“We’re starting to flirt with the idea of, ‘What if we were to disaggregate those partner incentives? And maybe pay a percentage of those incentives at the time of sale, but then place premium incentives along the lifetime of the customers journey,’” said Alvarez, senior vice president of worldwide channel sales, in an interview with CRN. “I think that’s an incredible way for partners to potentially earn more incentives.”

One of the biggest news items that went under the radar at Nutanix’s recent .NEXT virtual conference was the launch of a new distributor partner program.

The new Elevate Distributor Partner Program, “is the first tiered distribution incentive program in our industry,” that will help channel partners drive more profitability, said Nutanix’s channel chief.

In an interview with CRN, Alvarez talks about the new distributor partner program, newly enhanced channel rules and regulations, and Nutanix’s revamped “perfect” partnership with Supermicro.

“Supermicro will now be able to take us into incredible new accounts,” Alvarez said.  1   23… 8NextRELATED TOPICS:


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