MSPs drive Nerdio’s Azure migration tool user numbers past 1m

Microsoft Azure automation provider Nerdio has passed 1 million users under management across its manager products, a company executive told CRN US.

Joseph Landes, chief revenue officer of the Chicago-based company, said in an interview that the milestone comes due to the success of Azure plus more companies seeking hosted virtual desktop to enable remote working during the pandemic.

“It’s really a validation of the idea that we’ve believed in a lot for a long time,” Landes said. “We think it’s just the beginning.”

Landes said he still sees room to grow in persuading MSPs to adopt a virtual desktop practice and persuading MSPs with virtual desktop practices to adopt an Azure-native virtual desktop tool.

As Landes sees it, one of the biggest obstacles in getting more MSPs to adopt Nerdio is educating them on changing from a license-based revenue model to a consumption-based revenue model.

Nerdio is also growing its presence in Europe and has doubled its sales and marketing teams since January, now exceeding 50 employees, Landes said.

“If we just keep focusing on delighting our partners and delighting our customers, we will continue to grow and we will continue to be successful,” he said.

The company launched its Nerdio Manager for MSP solution in January with the aim of simplifying Azure Virtual Desktop environments. It released Nerdio Manager for Enterprise in March 2020 shortly after raising a US$8 million Series A round of financing. Landes said the company has enough revenue coming in to not require another financing round.

Microsoft reported during its latest quarterly earnings call in July that Azure revenue grew 51 percent year over year, without providing specific figures.

Jim Brennan, president at a US-based managed services provider Managed Services IT, told CRN in an interview that Nerdio won him over by helping with a deployment for about 100 users in about a week. The product’s scripting capabilities and Nerdio’s support staff have kept Brennan happy with the company.

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