Microsoft’s New Executives Helping Win At Cloud, AI, Devices

vice president of products for Azure Cognitive Services, a vice president of global payments and cash, and a corporate vice president over digital marketing for commercial software and Surface PC products are some of the biggest executive hires from Microsoft so far this year.

Marco Casalaina, Ajith Thekadath and Ashley Hart are just some of the new faces at the Redmond, Wash.-based tech giant as it invests to accelerate its market position in cloud, artificial intelligence, devices and other areas, according to Mcirosoft’s account on LinkedIn, a social media network Microsoft owns.

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CRN has reached out to Microsoft and each of the executives for comment.

Who has Microsoft hired in 2022?

Microsoft has taken some of its new executives from fierce competitors in tech. Casalaina, for example, came from Salesforce, whose Slack subsidiary competes with Microsoft Teams and whose customer relationship management (CRM) stack is an alternative to Microsoft Dynamics.

Kristen Summers, the new business unit chief technology officer of the company’s division for U.S. federal government agencies, came from IBM.

Levent Besik, the new vice president of product management, identity developer platform and application ecosystem, came from Okta, whose products compete with Microsoft in cybersecurity.

And finally, three new maps- and transportation-focused executives came to Microsoft this year from Google.

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