LogMeIn Rebrands As GoTo, Debuts New All-In-One Platform

LogMeIn is now officially GoTo after some brand identity soul searching and the launch of a new platform, GoTo Resolve, that combines support and communication solutions all in one application.

Three reasons were behind the rebrand, according to Patrick McCue, global VP of partners at the Boston-based software company,

“The first is with all of the consolidation of the products that we’ve had over the last five years, we wanted to take this opportunity to really set a true brand identity,” McCue told CRN. “We have a lot of companies out there that think of us as LogMeIn, some think of us as Jive, some think of us as GoTo, so we wanted to make sure that we had that brand loyalty and identity from that perspective.

“The big thing we have heard from customers as well as the partners is, ‘You need to have a focus on what your brand is and what products are underneath that,’ which was really one of the compelling reasons to do this,” he added.

The second reason is to have a set platform of products that they know SMBs (small and midsize businesses) need, like GoTo Connect and the new GoTo Resolve platform.

The third piece is the rebrand will allow them to focus on investments and to be innovative in the right products that will serve their partners.https://4e9f3665122721af6cc1f6db22acba90.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html

GoTo Resolve is one platform that consolidates all of the products that GoTo has into one application. It also integrates them with all of the different systems out there, McCue said.

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“We’re creating one platform that’s truly been rearchitected to contain all of the different products,” he said. “It‘ll just be the one brand new product and it will be fully integrated and automated with other systems. For example, Workday, if someone has an issue they can actually push a button and have that go right into Workday from an integrated solution. You’re not having to create all these different tickets.”

Rick Castillo, a partner at Utah-based OneTel Holdings LLC, said, GoTo’s products has led to “explosive growth” in every vertical in which OneTel operates.

“GoTo’s comprehensive suite of solutions have helped us find, gain and retain customers and keep them happy with their long-term, custom communications platform,” Castillo told CRN. “We are excited about the unification of the brand and the channel program updates, which will inevitably lead to happier customers and continued revenue growth for all.”

GoTo Resolve is also a big part of what the company wants to do with its partner program in creating a GoTo integration network and leveraging the new platform. With the relaunched partner program, GoTo wants to focus on “the right partners” and the “right route to market.”

“What we’re going to do is revamp the programs now to have to GoTo partner program and the LastPass partner program,” McCue said. “The GoTo will be focused on mastering sub-agencies as well as IT resellers for the GoTo Resolve product. The other side of the house is going to be much more focused on security resellers, MSPs, GSI and those types of partners. It’s going to allow us to build that program with commitments and benefits and tiering that really makes sense for the partners.”

In December, GoTo also announced it will establish LastPass, its zero-knowledge password management entity, as its own independent cloud security company.

“It just wasn’t a natural fit and the program was trying to be something for everybody versus very focused,” McCue said. “Now having the GoTo brand and having that product set and that focus, we can build out the partner program to serve those types of partners.”

GoTo has also seen $1 billion in annual revenue, which McCue said “people don’t realize because the brand hasn’t had that true identity.”

“If you think about how many SaaS (service-as-a-software) companies are there that have a billion in revenue, there’s not that many,” he said. “We are a true SaaS company with over a billion dollars in revenue, it’s just people haven‘t known about it because it’s lost in that brand awareness component.”

A big focus going forward is breaking off that company and establishing proper entities for global expansion.

He said GoTo will focus on driving the GoTo Connect expansion in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) as well as creating new partnerships.

“No one out there right now has a platform that allows you to do the GoTo Connect component, the GoTo meetings, the GoTo webinar component and also the GoTo Resolve components so that you can truly have one platform to manage all of your business operations that are necessary,” he said. “Especially for SMBs. They have limited resources, they don‘t want to have 76 different systems underneath their umbrella.”RELATED TOPICS:

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