IDrive® e2 Offers Hot Object Storage that is 85% More Affordable than Amazon S3

LOS ANGELES, April 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IDrive® e2, a high performance S3 compatible object storage platform, is offering their service for a fraction of the cost of Amazon S3, starting at a price point that is 85% less and enabling users to save money when storing large amounts of data securely in the cloud.

IDrive® e2 is an object storage solution that is designed to provide users with the flexibility and scalability they need to manage their data effectively. It is suitable for data backup/archival, hosting applications, media workflow, gaming assets, e-commerce resources, and other large volumes of data.

With a tierless pricing approach, IDrive® e2 is the most affordable object storage solution on the market, with pricing starting at $0.004/GB/month. The service offers no egress fees, as well as being one of the few solutions available that does not charge an extra fee for downloading data. IDrive® e2 also offers a free 7 day trial with 1TB of space for prospective users to test the service.

IDrive® e2 offers a host of cost-saving options, features and pricing packages that Amazon S3 either doesn’t offer or charges extra for, helping e2 users save when storing and recovering data. These include:

  • Yearly storage plans starting at just $4/year. S3 does not offer yearly plans
  • Monthly storage pricing – IDrive® e2 starts at just $.004/GB/month, compared to Amazon who charge $.021/GB/month
  • Free egress – up to 3x storage egress is free
  • Straightforward pricing – IDrive® e2 offers single pricing for storage. S3 costs vary by storage classes.
  • Free API transactions
  • No charges for data deletions
  • Fixed prices across all storage regions
  • Ability to create unlimited access keys while S3 only allows up to 2 access keys

The IDrive® e2 service stores petabytes of data that users can retrieve based on their convenience using associated access key ID and secret access key. Enterprise users can access data directly from the IDrive® e2 web console or via third-party tools like Rclone, MSP360, Duplicati, etc. Users can use the web console platform to secure their data, manage users, control account settings, and more.

With 14 edge computing locations across North America and Europe, IDrive® e2 enables users across the globe to point their data to the location closest to them for a faster network and ease of access, as well as being able to retrieve their data quickly based on their convenience. This provides the fastest possible response time for all S3 API calls no matter what region the user is located in.

To keep user data safe and secure, IDrive® e2 transmits all files using an encrypted TLS connection. Developers can also set Server-Side Encryption on e2 buckets. Data is stored in enterprise-class data centers equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with custom-designed elevated floors, HVAC temperature control systems with designated cooling zones, seismically-braced racks, and physical security features. The data centers are periodically checked for vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure with third-party audits.

About IDrive
IDrive Inc. is a privately held company specializing in cloud storage, online backup, file sharing, remote access, compliance and related technologies. Core services include IDrive®, IDrive® e2, RemotePC™ and IBackup.The company’s services help over 4 million customers back up over 500 Petabytes of data.

SOURCE IDrive Inc.

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