Engage Technologies Group Launches the Practice Performance System: A Comprehensive Tool for Building Practice Growth and Optimizing Financial Performance

Engage Technologies Group, following the merger with APX Platform last year, has launched the unique new Practice Performance System, a first-of-its-kind software designed to optimize every level of an aesthetics practice. Over the past year, their team has integrated the technologies to create a unified customer experience with powerful financial tools at their fingertips.

“The Practice Performance System marks a new era for practice management and patient care.” – C. Lloyd Mahaffey, CEO

Triad of Healthcare Technologies
Triad of Healthcare Technologies

The Practice Performance System is an innovative cornerstone for practice managers, providers, owners, and private equity groups, offering a unique dual focus beyond traditional EMR and PMS functions: it optimizes back-office operations while enhancing front-office patient engagement. Featuring an extensive library of automated, SMS-delivered patient journeys in medical industries such as Ocular, Aesthetics, Dental, and Orthopedics, along with practice optimization tools and real-time analytics, the Practice Performance System is crucial for increasing revenue, improving patient retention, and fostering a professional community. Its integration with existing EMR and PMS systems forms the essential “Triad of Healthcare Technologies,” streamlining patient inquiries and boosting engagement through personalized content, pivotal for a practice’s long-term success.

“The Practice Performance System marks a new era for practice management and patient care,” said C. Lloyd Mahaffey, CEO and President of Engage Technologies Group and APX Platform. “We’re seeing the fruition of the merger that combines our technology’s unique differentiation we are experiencing in the market…and the results. Engage has created a new category that improves patient outcomes, drives top line revenue, improves bottom line profitability.”

The launch of this new Practice Performance System includes a pricing structure that allows practices to customize their purchase with the features that will serve them best. This, in turn, allows greater flexibility and affordability for practices to customize their monthly plan.

As a part of the launch, the Practice Performance System offers direct integration with award-winning EHR and Practice Management Software solutions like Mod Med and Symplast. This integration allows for seamless access to the powerful analytics dashboard included in the PPS to optimize aesthetic practices for maximum profitability and world-class patient experience.

“This integration is exciting on so many levels,” said Izhak Musli, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Data Analytics for Engage. “For existing customers, it turns the data analytics dashboard on autopilot. Not only do customers get to enjoy all the benefits of Symplast or Mod Med, they can track patient engagement and staff performance by analyzing the data and putting it to use for their practice.”

Another integration of note includes Promptly, a comprehensive web-based suite designed for medical practices to enhance patient touchpoints, increase patient payments, and automate processes to alleviate staff. By combining the Practice Performance System, specifically the patient education feature, with Promptly’s suite of patient experience solutions, practices can provide their patients with a seamless and personalized experience, from scheduling to post-appointment follow-up. This integration with Engage fills a void in patient education and automation within medical practices while improving patient engagement and satisfaction.

“The integration with Engage will allow us to offer our partner practices a more comprehensive solution. Together, our systems will help them better educate their patients before and after their appointments while helping to reenforce the guidance of the clinical staff and improved their patient outcomes.” said Dr. Anish Kapur, President of FocalPoint Holdings – Promptly.

About Engage Technologies Group: 

Engage Technologies Group, based in Boise, Idaho, has developed and operates a unique Practice Performance System that provides patient education and practice optimization to Ocular, Aesthetics, Dental, Audiology, Orthopedics, and Specialty Pharmacy practices in the US and around the world. For more information, go to www.engagetg.com.

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