CRN Impact Awards: SixPivot develops app for MotoDNA motorbike training platform

Brisbane-based SixPivot’s development of an app to support MotoDNA’s digital motorbike rider training platform for the MotoDNA Digital Riders Academy has landed it a finalist place in the Customer Experience category of the 2021 CRN Impact Awards.

Developed in conjunction with Sydney Motor Park’s innovation hub and Yamaha Motor Co., the MotoDNA platform uses camera sensors and cloud software to provide feedback on a rider’s skill and make suggestions for improvements, aiming to improve rider safety and save lives.

MotoDNA founder Mark ‘Irish’ McVeigh, a former racer and racing engineer, had spent several years working on much of the foundations of the platform, including the algorithms, UX and gamification, but needed to pass the final hurdle of turning it all into a usable application that combined all of the elements.

To achieve this, SixPivot was brought on and worked with McVeigh and his team to test, refine and deliver a final product that finally delivered the experience that was originally envisaged.

The platform uses bike-mounted GoPro cameras to capture the data which is then analysed, with insights delivered to the user via the application and worked into a gamified system that offers rewards within a community platform.MotoDNA platform in action (Source)

Built on Microsoft Azure and with the help of Rhipe’s CSP program, the application needed to be not only a great user experience but also 100 percent accurate as it is the safety of the users that are at stake.

Today, 19 percent of road deaths in Australia involve motorcycle accidents and many more suffer serious injuries. By raising the skill level of the average rider, MotoDNA Riders Academy aims to significantly reduce the road toll. 

Currently, the app is in its first stage and is being used by the 1000 Riders Academy participants, but the goal is to see it expand worldwide to address the 285,000 motorcycle fatalities a year across the globe.

McVeigh called the team at SixPivot “XMen and XWomen” and commended their ability to “completely think outside the square”.

“I’m over the moon with how the project has gone, it exceeded our expectations. You have a team of not just technical wizards but great people too,” he said. 

“I have really enjoyed the whole experience and [am] super happy with both the software look and feel.”The SixPivot team

SixPivot managed to deliver the application for the customer while working within budget and time constraints and will continue to work with MotoDNA to help them manage cloud costs and build the company beyond a startup.

The application with the platform as a whole has potential in areas such as motorcycle rideshare businesses and manufacturers working on autonomous motorbikes.Got a news tip for our journalists? Share it with us anonymously here.

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