Broadcom Plans To Invest In VMware Partners, Sales, Engineers

Broadcom Software Group President Tom Krause said the company’s plan for VMware is to embrace the differences between the two companies and change as little as possible about how VMware goes to market, according to a blog published Wednesday.

“VMware is an iconic software company with a vibrant ecosystem, including hyperscalers, system integrators and channel partners. We don’t want to change any of that, and in fact, we want to embrace those relationships,” Krause wrote. “We have tremendous respect for what VMware has built, supported by a skilled team of engineering talent. It is for all these reasons and more that we’ve committed to rebrand Broadcom Software Group as VMware.”

Broadcom announced plans to buy VMware for $61 billion in a mix of cash and stock on May 26. Since then, Krause said he has been talking with VMware customers and partners “to tell them more about how this combination will deliver compelling benefits to them. We’ve also kicked off planning efforts for the post-closing company,” he said.

Following the closing of the deal, Broadcom Software Group is expected to be rebranded “VMware.” After Broadcom bought Symantec in 2019, Broadcom ended support for all but the top customers. Partners have voiced fears that under the new ownership support for VMware’s products will suffer. Krause sought to reassure customers that this time Broadcom won’t skimp on engineering.

“A key pillar of the combined company’s innovation roadmap will be to retain and support VMware’s engineering and R&D talent,” Krause said, “and we are committed to this effort as we progress toward closing the transaction and thereafter.”

Krause’s blog also outlined what Broadcom’s offerings might look like once the deal closes.”

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He said the existing Broadcom Software business, which includes products in value stream management, AIOps and observability, cybersecurity, enterprise automation and continuous delivery solutions – will be offered alongside the VMware solutions for cloud infrastructure, modern applications and anywhere workspace after the deal closes.

“Following the anticipated rebrand, customers will have the ability to purchase from the new VMware a broad portfolio of solutions that help enterprises build, manage and secure a wide variety of applications – from mainframe to client server to cloud-native via Kubernetes – and more securely deliver amazing end user experiences to any device anywhere. All of this means we will be placing more choice in customers’ hands,” Krause wrote.

Both Broadcom and VMware support critically important workloads for their customers. Krause acknowledged “getting it right” and “drawing from the lessons learned from our previous acquisitions of CA and Symantec Enterprise,” would be part of their efforts going forward.

“This means that we’ll be working in close coordination with VMware to learn more about their go-to-market, product portfolio, approach to innovation, engineering talent, partner network and, of course, strong customer footprint,” he said. “The insights we’re gaining are only strengthening our confidence in the future of a combined Broadcom Software and VMware.”RELATED TOPICS:

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