8×8: Deliver Engaging Experiences with 8×8 Automation Builder

8×8, continues to enhance is portfolio to transform business communications, designed a no-code multi-channel communications management solution for businesses wanting to work and communicate smarter.

Automation Builder, delivered via 8×8 Connect, is providing cross-channel orchestration within a consolidated interface. This gives users full context of every communication channel and creates referenceable data streams across various sales and marketing tools.

8×8 Connect is a multi-channel communications management platform that provides organizations with the ability to manage voice and text messaging campaigns over multiple channels with real-time reporting and analytics. The 8×8 CPaaS solution is a way to build communication workflows that enhance productivity, flexibility and efficiency, regardless of coding expertise.

“The point of automated functionality is to eliminate manual work and repetition while enabling processes to scale, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with 8×8 Connect Automation Builder,” said Marc Magnin, head of product, CPaaS at 8×8.

Automation Builder is empowering organizations to leverage digital channels to deliver enhanced customer experiences. Features include:

  • Automated workflows with a few clicks, eliminating the need for engineering or developer resources.
  • Customized iterations for users to tweak and implement.
  • Drag-and-drop modules to create complex workflows, or choose from pre-built templates.
  • Build communication workflows across channels including SMS, chat apps and voice.
  • Optimized processes for leads and managers within marketing operations, customer support and operations.

“Automation Builder allows users to now leverage a convenient no-code, visual interface to design communication workflows and deploy them on 8×8 Connect,” said Magnin. “Further, it allows companies to automate their customer engagement at scale without putting strain on development teams or running developer infrastructure.”

8×8 Connect is part of 8×8’s CPaaS communication API portfolio, which includes SMS, voice, chat apps, video, and performance monitoring. 8×8’s communication API portfolio also crosses over with its 8×8 XCaaS solution.

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