5 Ways Mandiant’s New Tools Fight Breaches And Ransomware

A More Robust Response 

The industry has embraced the ability to digest and inject Mandiant’s expertise into their environment in an automated manner since Mandiant Advantage debuted last year, said Mandiant Chief Product Officer Chris Key. The platform already has four modules delivering everything from automated defense and threat intelligence to security validation and attack surface management in a consumable manner.

“This really came down to seeing a need in the industry for us to help increase the effectiveness of security,” Key told CRN. “A core belief that we have is that effective security is actually driven by expertise and intelligence as opposed to just controls or technology deployed alone.”

The company announced two new Mandiant Advantage offerings Tuesday during its annual Cyber Defense Summit: Active Breach & Intel Monitoring and Ransomware Defense Validation. From automating correlation and triage work to testing ransomware in production environments to detecting abnormalities quickly and more accurately, here are five things to know about Mandiant’s new tools.  1   23… 6NextRELATED TOPICS:


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