5 Key Google AI Resources Made For Google Cloud Partners

From the new Built with Google Cloud AI partner program to funding partner-led generative AI workshops with customers, Google is investing heavily in partner resources to drive new customer opportunities around generative AI.

“I have seen a lot of technology waves. This is not a hype cycle. The ROI is real,” said Kevin Ichhpurani (pictured), Google Cloud’s partner ecosystem leader, in an interview with CRN.

“Oftentimes they say, ‘This is like the iPhone moment.’ I think that’s a very poor comparison. It’s more like the advent of electricity. This is a true tectonic shift,” said Ichhpurani. “You can almost go into a meeting and never get off of this [generative AI] discussion because it’s front and center on every board agenda right now.”

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Ichhpurani is corporate vice president for Google Cloud’s global partner ecosystem and channels business, responsible for the company’s partner programs and partnerships with solution providers and ISVs. He has nearly three decades of experience in the industry, including a 12-year stint at SAP before joining Google in 2017.

Generative AI: ‘The ROI Is Immense’

“Organizations are working on their strategy of how can they create completely new customer experiences with generative AI,” said Ichhpurani. “How can they create new employee experiences? New experiences for their trading partners and develop entirely new business models for the company? The ROI is immense. And that’s why this is not a hyper-fad.”

Google Cloud’s worldwide partner leader said ROI is achieved through generative AI via improved business efficiencies, the ability to reach new customers and the ease of growing top-line revenue.

“Just the efficiencies alone is so immense, which is why this will be something that’s sustainable,” said Ichhpurani. “But we’re still in the very early innings. There’s a lot more innovation to come from Google Cloud.”

In an interview with CRN, Ichhpurani talks about five key programs and investments Google Cloud is making around generative AI to drive channel partner margins and new customer opportunity.

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