25 Mobile Security Products Locking Down Our Data: The 2022 CRN Mobile 100

As the mobile attack surface continues to grow in size and scope, vendors have responded with an increasing array of mobile security products for consumers and businesses alike.

The demand for newer and better mobile security products is definitely there – and has been around for a while now since Harvard Business Review pronounced that “mobile phones have become the new prey of choice of hackers.”

Among the variety of mobile threats out there for consumers and businesses, whose employees are increasingly reliant on mobile devices for work, are data leakage, phishing attacks, mobile ransomware, identify theft, unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and other ominous threats.

The bottom line: mobile communications may have raised business productivity, but it has also raised the stakes when it comes to security.

As part of CRN’s 2022 Mobile 100, here are 25 mobile security products offered by vendors to protect against the ever-growing mobile security threats.

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