20 Hot Consumer Electronics Products At CES Unveiled 2022

A foldable smartphone, a tablet with light-powered wireless technology, a foot-controlled electric carrier and multiple empty booths greeted press and industry analysts attending CES 2022’s Unveiled event.

The official media event of CES held before the annual consumer electronics trade show opens had products available from Samsung, Oledcomm and Pickwheel, among other companies.

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Because of the spread of the omicron variant of COVID-19, the conference held physical and online-only events. Several major companies also dropped out of physically attending CES 2022 in Las Vegas, including Amazon, T-Mobile and Microsoft.

The attitude among executives CRN spoke with at the show – especially ones from overseas – was that they had already invested too much in travelling to CES and paying for floor space to drop out.

Benjamin Azoulay, CEO of France-based Oledcomm, the maker of the tablet powered by light, told CRN in an interview that he’s come to CES since 2008.

Even though the conference focuses on consumer goods, he landed a major client by coming to CES 2019 and didn’t want to miss out on any opportunities at the less-crowded CES 2022. “All it takes is one good meeting to make the trip worth it,” Azoulay said.

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