10 Hot Open Source Software Companies To Watch In 2023

From tech giants like Microsoft and Red Hat to smaller upstarts like MindsDB and Grafana Labs, CRN has found some of the hottest open source software companies you’ll want to keep an eye on in 2023.

These companies were chosen for their direct use of open source components or for their meaningful contributions to furthering the open source cause.

Some have attracted big money from investors. Others have made a splash with the community and see large numbers of contributors for improving their offerings.

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Open Source Software Companies To Watch

Open source continues to be an important part of IT. Red Hat’s recent “state of enterprise open source” report found that 82 percent of surveyed IT leaders are more likely to work with vendors who contribute to the community.

And open source tools continue to take share from proprietary ones, with 80 percent of surveyed IT leaders saying they expect to increase their use of enterprise open source software for emerging technologies. Almost 90 percent of respondents said they see enterprise open source as more secure or equal to proprietary software.

Along with this list, CRN has also found companies to watch in tech industries including cloud, development operations (DevOps), cybersecurity, secure access service edger (SASE) and edge computing.

Read on for whom we consider the hottest open source software companies to watch in 2023.


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