Network Connectivity Minute: An Easier Managed Router Experience

Routers are critical for providing reliable internet connectivity. Managing your customer’s routers can be time consuming, but there is a vendor who can offload that service for you. “Internet is the fabric that connects us these days,” says Martin Capurro, vice president of managed services at Comcast Business. “More and more people just need connectivity that is dependable, that works, is sized right and ultimately is managed, so they don’t have to worry about it. And, that managed router device helps us create essentially managed internet service.”

Comcast Business Managed Router allows partners to provide customers with a safe, reliable router they can either manage themselves or offload that responsibility to Comcast Business. “At Comcast Business, we have a robust set of tools and resources to be able to help take this on for partners – almost end to end – from an order perspective, all the way to implementation. And, that is designed to just leverage the partner’s capabilities on all the pre-sale development, but we can just take it from that point forward,” says Capurro.

In addition to pre- and post-sales support, you’ll be offering your customers a quality solution backed by a decade-long partnership between Comcast Business and Juniper Networks. Comcast Business Managed Routers are integrated with Juniper Networks best-in-class switches and routers to ensure your client’s employees always have reliable internet connectivity. “Juniper just has a long track record of experience in internet routing, in general,” says Capurro. “Our opportunity to work with Juniper and closely align their infrastructure, along with our service is a great opportunity.”

You can also be sure your customers are protected with Comcast Business Managed Router’s stateful firewall security built in.


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