Behind the scenes with IBM Services’ David Sun

When it comes to IBM’s vast services capabilities, David Sun has seen it all. Sun, the director of corporate business development for IBM Services, came to IBM 18 years ago when IBM acquired PwC Consulting and is now one of the driving forces behind the organization.

IBM Services is IBM’s professional services arm and includes two divisions. The first, IBM Global Business Services, provides management and strategy consulting, systems integration and application management services. The second, IBM Global Technology Consulting and Services, provides services related to infrastructure and cloud. Combined, they brought Big Blue 2020 revenue of over US$10 billion, although that is down slightly over 2019.

As IBM prepares to split into two companies, the IBM Services business is slated to remain with the “new” IBM, where it will account for over 40 percent of total revenue, and not be part of the “NewCo” managed infrastructure services provider.

Sun told CRN in a wide-ranging conversation that IBM Services remains one of the world’s largest services organizations and remains committed to working in a non-agnostic way with cloud, services and technology from IBM and other vendors. “The services part of the company has always been agnostic,” he said. “We are partners with all of our technologies. We know where we win in all those areas, where we think we differentiate. And those are all important. But from a services perspective, we’re always serving our clients.”

Here’s a look at where IBM Services is heading as IBM prepares to divide the company.


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