5 Plans For Dell Partners In 2021: Channel Chief Rola Dagher

Dell Technologies worldwide channel chief Rola Dagher wants to make the channel partner experience more personalized and simpler in 2021, while also having plans in store to accelerate VMware’s value proposition within Dell.

Dagher, who became the $92 billion Round Rock, Texas-based company’s global channel leader in August, wants partners to dive deeper into hybrid cloud and as-a-service offerings in 2021.

“From a technology and innovation perspective, we look at the cloud as our new data center because of everything we’re going through,” said Dagher in an interview with CRN. “Then, the internet is the new network. So how do we continue to innovate to provide our partners the ability [to transform] because at the end of the day, technology is the enabler, but our partners are the ones who are going to help us transform. That’s what we continue to focus on. We’re going to launch all the changes in end of January. It’s exciting. Our team is so energized and we’re ready to roll.”



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